Interregional meetings (2015-2107)

The Artistic Residence project does not aim to simply reorganize the existing residence system at an international level, instead it aims to become a key player in the fundamental themes of the performance art world and become a gateway to Europe.
During the first three years there were three key meetings set up to discuss and share ideas in Bologna, Udine and Turin.

    Narratives. The European model and the Italian experience in comparison
    Turin, 24 and 25 October 2016

The third meeting for owners of artistic residences extended the dialogue but on a wider international scale. The theme was to compare the Italian with the European scene, which was useful to share the Italian experience with outsiders, and to listen and stay up to date with foreign models.
The meeting was an opportunity to study international cases and to work in groups separated into themes to identify the best practices and the reference models to be integrated into the national Artistic Residence scene. Particular attention was paid to the role and the responsability of artists within creative processes, starting with a careful analysis of the European scene and specific regions.
Where the meetings were held: Lavanderia a Vapore, Centro Regionale per la Danza a Collegno, Teatro Carignano, and Circolo dei lettori di Torino.

  • National Convention for Artistic Residences, Regions and MIBACT
    Villa Manin di Passariano (Codroipo, Udine), 16 and 17 June 2016

Developing and sharing knowledge between Artistic Residences dedicated to performance art and promoting the exchange by creating meetings at both a regional and a national level was the theme of this second meeting.
Feedback was taken from the previous meeting in Bologna in December 2015.

  • National conference for owners of artistic residences
    Bologna, 15 and 16 December 2015

Owners of artistic residences, Regions and MIBACT all met for the first time in Bologna in December 2015 with the aim of developing and promoting the exchange between the experiences of different regions involved in the three-year project.
Sharing best practices, deciding on the objectives for the three-year project, mobility of artists in residence and sustainability of the productions were the main themes in the discussion.
Location: Teatri di Vita, Bologna

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