The Project: a description

The Artistic Residences bring innovation and enrich the world of theatre and consequently the local area.
The Artistic Residence project was founded to promote this important innovation factor in the theatre network. Its objective is to join forces for a common goal, to get results that thanks to the confrontation and exchange of ideas among operators and institutions, will demonstrate the importance of all the elements involved.

"Multidiscipline" and "regional communication" are the key words for the first three years 2015-2017. Alongside these concepts important factors also include enhancing and supporting projects linked to comunity and belonging, supporting young and talented artists and supporting practices and artistic creative processes.

The project aims to guarantee the resident artists the possibility to experiment and enhance various phases of the creative process, supporting the relationship with the context of the local area and with the wider national and international theatre systems.
Artistic Residences is a project that stretches across different regions and that has been developed thanks to the agreement between MiBACT and autonomous regions and provinces - following the publication of the Decree of the 1st July 2014 (art. 45) – to help its enforcement, the development and consolidation of the renewal of creative processes, mobility, and the relationship and comparison between the national and international scene, and increasing accessibility and quality of what's on offer.

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